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Watch as we discuss the Benefits of Plant-Based Dog Food, featuring Dr. Jennifer Coates. Dr. Coates is an accomplished veterinarian and writer with years of experience in the fields of veterinary medicine, animal welfare, and conservation.
After graduating from McGill University, she worked at the Wildlife Habitat Enhancement Council and Animal Welfare Institute for several years before returning to her first love, veterinary medicine. She was valedictorian of her graduating class at the Virginia-Maryland Regional College of Veterinary Medicine. In the years after veterinary school, Dr. Coates has been an associate veterinarian and chief of staff in several veterinary practices in Virginia, Wyoming, and Colorado. Please join us in learning more about feeding a meat free diet to dogs!

0:00 – Intro
2:08 – Importance of Protein for dogs
4:38 – Essential vs. Non Essential Amino Acids for Dogs
6:12 – Can Plants Provide the Nutrition a Dog Needs?
8:35 – How to Select a Balanced Dog Food for Your Pet
11:15 – Plant Based Diets Relieving Dog’s (Meat Based) Food Allergies
14:46 – Q&A
15:02 – Do Cats Require Meat in Their Diet?
15:37 – Is Starch Good for Dogs?
16:31 – Are Food Allergies Common in Dogs?
19:45 – Is Can Food vs. Kibble Better?
20:42 – What about Pesticides & Fertilizers in Plant Based Foods?
21:27 – Can you feed a 1 Year old Dog A Vegan Diet?
22:09 – What Ratio of Fresh Home Cooked to Commercial Food Can Ensure Balance?
23:24 – How to Talk to Dog Parents/ Vets Who Don’t Believe in Plant Based?
26:28 – Importance of Taurine in Plant Based Pet Food?
27:40 – Do Dogs Need Plants or Fiber?
28:58 – Closer

Wild Earth utilizes the powers of plants and science to create a healthy, high protein, nutritionally complete and balanced food for dogs that does not do any harm to other animals or the environment.

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