Top 3 Benefits Of A Raw Vegan Diet

There is no doubt that a raw vegan diet can reverse disease, open your mind, stimulate passion and purpose, make you more psychic and spiritual. But is a raw vegan diet right for everyone? Some people are so sick and weak they can’t even digest raw foods properly. Some people just want to fit in and a raw vegan diet would make them too different.

But before you make a judgment about a raw vegan diet I highly recommend you first understand the major benefits of eating raw whole food plant based. Since I have been raw vegan myself for 5 years and have coached hundreds of people through the transition I would like to share with you the irrefutable top 3 benefits of a raw vegan diet that could change your life forever!

0:22 Intro

3:07 1. Physical Health
optimal microbiome
bowel transit time

5:05 2. Emotional Wellbeing
reduced stress and anxiety
more trusting
emotional intelligence

8:03 3. Spiritual Purpose
a vision bigger than yourself
heightened intuition
breaking tradition/paving a new path

10:23 Start With A Juice Fast
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14:55 Summary

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