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I’ve been contemplating this lifestyle change for quite a while and have decided to go vegan! I plan to commit to a 100% vegan diet for 30 days to start. My goal is to switch over to a plant base lifestyle permanently but I would like the flexibility and option to enjoy some of my favorite foods from time to time.

Even though I will be adhering to a strictly vegan diet for a month, my boyfriend Jordan, will not be following this lifestyle. My plan is to cook everything vegan and then cook his animal protein separate so that he can add it to whatever dish we eat.

Originally, I wanted to stick to whole foods as much as possible but I know this will be a difficult transition and I would rather succeed and not be as healthy as I would like than give into my cravings and fail this challenge. Due to this reason, I decided to include meat alternatives to help me with my transition.

Here is everything I got for my first week of vegan groceries!

I am in no way trying to say one particular lifestyle is better than another. I believe that everyone has the right to choose what is best for them. Food is still a very important aspect of my life. Food is not just a means to survive for it but it is an outlet for social gatherings with family and friends which to me is the most important thing.

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