Is Your Raw or Vegan Diet Deficient in this Non-Essential Nutrient?

John from shares with you the importance of a non-essential nutrient that promotes health and longevity.

In this episode, you will learn about the power of flavonoids which are natural compounds found in primarily fruits and vegetables and other whole plant foods that are not considered essential nutrients by the government but are very important for your long-term health and disease prevention based on scientific studies.

First, you will learn why John eats a wide variety of flavonoid-rich foods. You will learn a few ways that flavonoids can positively affect your health.

Next, John will quote from 4 journals published studies on how flavonoids can promote health and longevity and help you to disease-proof yourself by reducing the risk for some of America’s top killers including Cancer and Cognitive decline

Next, John will compare two foods and share the total flavonoid content of the foods so you can determine if you eat a flavonoid-rich or flavonoid-poor diet based on the food choices that you make.

You will learn further benefits of flavonoid-containing foods and discover which foods are the highest in these non-essential nutrients that promote health.

Finally, John will talk about specific flavonoids in foods and the importance of selecting foods that contain higher amounts of flavonoids than others.

After watching this episode, you will learn the best foods to eat to increase the flavonoid content of your food, as well as why flavonoids are essential for long-term health, disease prevention, and longevity.

Jump to the following parts of this episode:
01:10 This nutrient is foundational for long-term health
02:20 Flavonoids are Critical for Health
03:19 Flavonoids are Nature’s Gift to Promote Health and Longevity Study
05:30 Flavonoids and Preventing Cognitive Decline
07:03 Flavonoids and Cancer Prevention
08:10 Comparing Flavonoid content in different foods
12:25 Are there Flavonoids in Bananas?
14:14 Tomato vs Olives Flavonoid Content
17:48 Cashews vs Pecans Flavonoid Content
22:30 Flavonoids in Our Foods: a Short Review Study
26:05 Specific Types of Flavonoids in Food Comparison

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