What is VEGANISM? A diet or a lifestyle?

What is veganism? A diet or a Lifestyle?
In today’s video I explain simply what is veganism, briefly touch the ways we exploit others and talk about the difference between being plant based and being vegan.

I am Marisha, I mainly upload videos about veganism animal rights and sometimes plants as well.💚💚💚🌱🌱🌱💚💚💚

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If you haven’t already, I truly recommend checking out Earthling Ed’s channel on YouTube: He is a vegan animal rights activist and educator, he puts his energy and work into raising awareness and spreading the truth about animal exploitation, cruelty, abuse and murder.

He opened a vegan non-profit restaurant: unity diner; (Follow on instagram)

He has a podcast (disclosure podcast) that you can listen to;

Ed is co-founder and director of Surge, (follow on instagram) Animal rights organization.
Thanks to everyone in surge for your work.

Ed is also the the author of:

FREE e-book: 30 non-vegan excuses and how to respond to them:

Here is his playlist about non vegan excuses. (Spoiler alert: it’s worth it)

A documentary: Land of hope and glory: the heartbreaking truth.
Please watch the documentary and make the change to veganism.

I use the clips of Land of hope and glory in my videos to spread the truth myself. So thanks to Earthling Ed for his permission!🌱 his work is wonderful and extremely helpful for the animals. 💚💚💚

Here is Ed’s documentary
“Land of hope and glory”

Check out Gary yourovsky’s most important speech you will ever hear, as well as earthling Ed’s TEDx talks.

Here is Ed’s another speech:

Being vegetarian is NOT enough! Veganism is the way to go! 🌱

Source of motivation and Ed-ucation!

If you think you can’t cook vegan meals, watch Sadia, (from YouTube: Pick up limes) to prove you wrong! She was a dietitian and nutritionist and got some wholesome and healthy 😋 recipes for you! Also check out avangardevegan and follow vegan accounts on instagram.

Please watch my parrot care playlist 🦜 and …

I also recommend: channels:
Flock talk! birdtricks! or live laugh birds!
Keep your companions happy and healthy!
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Take care !!! 🙌🏼 (of yourself and one another) 🌱

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