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Veganism is 10x Cheaper! Sort of….

Does Veganism Cost Too Much? Does it even cost more? Depending on how you slice it I argue that some vegan choices are ten times less expensive. That’s largely because meat is generally very expensive while high-protein vegan friendly staples like lentils and beans are actually some of the cheapest items in the grocery store.

In this video I talk about average USDA prices, the way some foods cook up while others cook down (cooking yield), vitamins and minerals, macronutrients, vitamin B12 supplementation cost, vegan multivitamin costs, and how all vegan discussions eventually cook down to taste.

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———————-HOW TO GO VEGAN———————–
Challenge 22

Vegan Bootcamp

Cheap Lazy Vegan

Nutritional Info for Basically Any Food

USDA Average Meat Prices

Average Lentil Prices and Yield

B12 Supplementation Requirements (

86% of Americans Take Supplements

0:00 – Veganism is Too Expensive Claim
0:17 – Vegan vs Non-Vegan Meal
0:43 – Average Price of Beef vs Lentils
1:16 – Beef Cooks Down Lentils Cook Up
2:10 – Nutrient Density?
3:12 – Chicken vs Lentils
3:53 – Other Vegan Protein Sources (Beans)
4:02 – Excel Sheet on Patreon
4:24 – B12 Supplement Cost
5:15 – Vegan Multivitamin Cost
5:47 – Many Non-Vegans Take Supplements Already
6:09 – Taste Justification
6:43 – Future Videos on “Is Veganism Expensive”

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