PURC Seaweed Conditioner Shampoo Bar Soap Vegan Handmade Soap Damage Repair Shampoo for Frizzy Hair

Price: 10.73

PURC Seaweed Conditioner Shampoo Bar Soap Vegan Handmade

repair damage frizzy hair shampoo soap


organic plant extract

Deep hydration for dry hair.

Cruelty Free, Eco Friendly, Biodegradable, Vegan

60g (2.11 oz)


Exclusive Conditioning Bar – Our Conditioning Bars are great for travel as you don’t have to worry.

about any possibility of spillage or restriction of liquids. The bars are perfect for on the go as they are not only

they are small and light, they are COA approved, which means you don’t have to plan your packing

around your hair care products! And best of all, they help avoid using individual size conditioner.

in your hotel

Highest quality and natural care: our dry bar is a natural option, hair conditioning bars can last up to

up to three times longer than regular bottles. They feel good too, a bit healthier than a synthetic liquid.

Use:After cleansing with Shampoo Bar, rub Conditioner Bar between hands or directly on hair.

Hair massage. Leave to act for two minutes before rinsing. Avoid eye contact.



Please keep it away from children, if you have any discomfort or allergy, please stop using it immediately.

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