Vegan Beauty

Art Vegan Power Vinyl Wall Decals Mural Room Design Decor Plant Nature Flora Food Health Living Removable Decal S399

Price: 8.01 - 7.29


Size (1 inch = 2.54 cm):


48cm wide x 42cm high

64cm wide x 56cm high



– Material: environmental non-toxic pvc; removable, but not reusable; raincoat.

– It can be applied on any clean, smooth and flat surface.

– Images provided are for indication purposes only. For the exact size, please refer to the sizes written in this section.
– Colors may be slightly different depending on your monitor settings.
– Package: sticker, transfer film and instructions.







How to use(These are not peel and stick decals. You need to use the transfer paper to stick it. The transfer paper is reusable and it is together with the wall quote decal in the package. Please do it by following the instructions):

  • Put the transfer film on the wall sticker, then scratch the pattern surface with a card again and again;
  • Cut it into pieces, if necessary. Cut off the extra parts;
  • Peel off the transfer film gently from the paper sheet, stick it on the wall, and scrape the pattern surface again;  
  • Peel off the transfer film gently from the wall sticker.


  • In case air bubbles form, prick with a needle;
  • For the large size wall sticker, 2 or more people are required to stick it perfectly;
  • Make sure you apply the sticker to a smooth surface, NOT a texture. Pasting on the wallpaper is NOT recommended.







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