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BEILI Pearl White Gold Professional Synthetic Makeup Brushes Set Vegan Eyebrow Foundation Concealer Brushes

Price: 20.90 - 13.58

BEILI Pink Professional Vegan Makeup Brush Set

Made for professional makeup artists, makeup beginners, daily makeup.
Make a beautiful makeup for you.


Nano wool fiber, synthetic hair.
soft and dense
Vegan / Cruelty free
Easy to clean
It works great

An elegant color combination

Nano Wool Fiber Hair — Beautiful Pink
Wooden handles — Pearl white gold

▷ Artificial hair can be adjusted according to its softness and hardness
▷ Some high density makeup brushes can be used for coloring
▷ Larger, fluffier and softer makeup brush for a natural application

From left to right, top to bottom of the image above
1. Concealer-TL: 16.5 cm/HL: 2 cm
2. Girth-TL: 15 cm/HL: 2 cm
3. Concealer-TL: 17 cm/HL: 2 cm
4. Finish-TL: 16.8cm/HL: 1.9cm
5. Smoked Shader-TL: 17.4cm/HL: 1.5cm
6. Mix Handled-TL: 17.8cm/HL: 2cm
7. Mix-TL: 17.5cm/HL: 1.5cm
8. Eye Definer-TL: 17.5cm/HL: 1.5cm
9. Eye Contour-TL: 17.5 cm/HL: 1.3 cm
10. Detailed Shadow-TL: 16.5cm/HL: 0.7cm
11 Detailed pencil-TL: 16.8 cm / HL: 0.6 cm
12. Eyebrow-TL: 16.7cm/HL: 0.7cm
13 Detail Concealer-TL: 17.5cm/HL: 1.5cm
14 Concealer-TL: 17.4 cm/HL: 1.4 cm
15. Flat Definer Brush-TL: 16.5cm/HL: 0.5cm
16. Eye Concealer-TL: 16.5cm/HL: 0.6cm
17. Medium Pencil-TL: 16.8cm/HL: 0.8cm
18. Eyeliner-TL: 16.5cm/HL: 1cm
19. Lashes-TL: 18.7cm/HL: 2.7cm
20. Foundation-TL: 16 cm/HL: 3 cm
21 Dotted-TL: 17 cm/HL: 3.7 cm
22. Cream Foundation-TL: 15.2cm/HL: 2cm
23. Dust-TL: 18 cm/HL: 5 cm
24 Blush-TL: 16.5 cm/HL: 2.2 cm
25 Foundation-TL: 8 cm/HL: 5 cm
26. Face Painter-TL: 16cm/HL: 2.5cm
27. Defining face-TL:18cm/HL: 5cm
28. Small Dotted-TL: 16.2cm/HL: 2cm
29. Powder Coated-TL: 17.5 cm/HL: 5 cm
30 Highlight-TL: 16.1cm/HL: 2.9cm

BEILI makeup tools

Steps to clean the brushes:

1. Wet the bristles with lukewarm water. (below 40℃)
2. Put a drop of makeup brush cleaner.
3. Gently massage the tips of the bristles into the palm of your hand.
4. Rinse the bristles.
5. Wring out excess moisture with a clean towel.
6. Reshape and let dry upside down
7. Avoid touching the water directly with the wooden handle during the whole cleaning


Q: When will you ship the products?
* We usually ship orders within 48 hours (not including weekends or holidays), you can ask our service for more details.
Q: I want a faster shipping way.
A: Please message us which shipping method you want before ordering, we will offer you options.
Q: I did not receive the package.
A: Please check the delivery date and tracking information first, if you have any other questions, please contact our service, we will reply you in time.
If you did not receive the package within the promised time, we will refund or resend it.

Q: What should I do when there are quality problems of the brushes?
A: Please send us the videos, photos or other evidence, we will check and deal with it.

Q: What should I notice before placing orders?
A: Please leave us the valid and exact shipping address, if you have special requirements about your package, please send us a message inbox.

Q: Can I make the brushes with my logo?
A: Yes, please contact us with the details.

Shipping and delivery:

*All items will be shipped within 48 hours (excluding weekends and holidays), to USA, Brazil, Russia, India, Greece, it may need 25-35 days. Because it is an international shipping method, it is possible to advance or delay, if you have any questions, please feel free to leave a message to our customer service, we will reply to you as soon as possible.
*How can I track my package?
Tracking information will usually update within 24-72 hours. You can track it on these two websites: or


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