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How & Why I Started My Vegan Makeup Start-Up | Kia Lindroos

Why & How I Started My Vegan Makeup Start-Up | Kia Lindroos

HELLO! In today’s video I am super excited to be talking to you about how and why I started my vegan makeup start-up. In 2016, as I was contemplating my next move in my career. I knew I wanted to start something special and something meaningful. I had been vegan for a couple of years and always wondered why it is so difficult for me to fund vegan makeup. I love using makeup and creating different looks but I also knew I wanted all my makeup to be vegan. As it became more and more obvious for me that vegan makeup was too difficult to find, I decided that I am going to do this. I am going to start, build and grow a vegan makeup company. In this video you will hear all about my story.

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Who am I?
My name is Kia and I am the co-founder of the vegan beauty start-up Kia-Charlotta. I am a start-up vlogger and my mission is to grow our company, learn all the lessons and ultimately build my dream life and with my videos, I am bringing you with me on my journey. I hope with my videos you can perhaps avoid some of the mistakes we make, see best start-up practices, learn what it takes to grow a company and become a leader as well as just have fun watching a company row.

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This video has NOT been sponsored and most items I purchased myself. Some items were gifted. All opinions 100% my own.

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