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Japan ZEFF Vegan Cream Brightening Concealer Whitening Moisturizing Lazy Nude Makeup Face Cream Skin Care

Price: 28.80 - 25.92

Product name: ZEFF Skin Brightening Day Cream
Specification: 45g
Country of origin: Japan
Effectiveness: lighten, hydrate, illuminate, concealer and whiten.
How to use

STEP 1. After cleansing and skin care for the day, take an appropriate amount of skin lightening cream.
STEP 2 Apply evenly to the face, stretch and remove.
STEP 3 Gently pat until fully seated against skin.
Composition features

1. Japan 377: Goes deep into the underside of the skin, repels black spots and glows white.
2. Japanese Evening Cherry Blossom: Improves dullness, brightens and repairs the skin, and whitens the skin.
3. Fullerene, removes free radicals, prevents melanin formation, and restores white beauty.
It is not only a day cream, but also a pre-makeup cream and a body cream!

The Japanese ZEFF skin cream has another difference. It can not only be used as a day cream, but also as a pre-makeup cream after basic skin care. Added mica and pearl powder in the ingredients enable it to have instant brightening concealer function that other skin creams don’t, making skin delicate and smooth!
The method of use is also very simple!

Apply a proper amount to the part you want to brighten and apply evenly. It is different from the thickness of ordinary face cream. Its texture is moist, light and fine, making it easy to brush away. It is similar to the soft focus in the beauty camera. The pores and blackheads are weakened, achieving the effect of chafed skin, but it is so fine that its presence is not noticeable. It can also be used all over the body, and you can apply it to the part you want to light up.




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