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RANCAI Oversized Loose Powder Makeup Brush Crystal Soft Synthetic Hair Fluffy Vegan Makeup Tool Big Single Blush Brush

Price: 8.33

about the product

●This powder brush has a large, fluffy and thick head, perfect for applying and setting face brushes, covering powders, minerals and flawless makeup.
● Plush synthetic bristles are super soft and residue-free, safe to use on sensitive skin, are antibacterial, won’t absorb makeup, and are easy to clean and maintain
●Hand-cut hair is in perfect condition and can be applied evenly and precisely (total length 21 inches, hair 5.5 cm
●Matte polished pointed handle makes it non-slip, perfect for controlling and smoothing makeup

Tips for use and care of the brush

1. Dry the brush well before using the product.
2. The clean and intact brush creates the best makeup effect. If you use it every day, we recommend that you use a cleaning agent weekly.

Here are some step by step instructions:

1. Place bristles upside down and run under warm (never hot) water.
2. Gently squeeze out excess water.
3. Apply a mild, dime-sized soap/shampoo and olive oil to the palm of your hand and massage the bristles in a circular motion until washed, being careful not to submerge the bristles.
4. Use a clean towel to gently squeeze out excess water.
5. Dry in an open space.
6. Deep cleaning every week.
Do not soak the makeup brush! (Soaking the brush in water will make the bristles fall out easily.

Package included:

1 * a large powder brush


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