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Solid Shampoo Bar For Hair Growth Anti Dandruff Hair Loss Moisturizing Soothing Cleansing Darkening Hair Care Vegan Shampoo Soap

Price: 12.91 - 6.45

Package included:

1× Cinnamon/Seaweed/Ginger/Peppermint/Jasmine/Lavender/Polygonum/Bamboo Charcoal/Basin White/Pink Grapefruit/Walnut/Island Silk/Macaron/Sunny Grapefruit Shampoo Bar (Depends on the SKU you select)

Mark: PURC
Article name: Organic shampoo bar
Suitable for: Men and women
Hair type: all types of hair

All-in-one travel shampoo

NET WEIGHT: 60g / 1.92 fl.oz.
Size: 5.8 x 2.3cm

Pure and gentle for men and women, also use as a body, face or shaving soap.
Ecological and recyclable box.

Macaroni shampoo NO.1

Our mildest shampoo bar keeps hair soft, shiny and manageable without stripping it of natural oils.
Hair type: Children or chemically treated hair
Fragrance: Coconut
Feature: Smooth and shiny hair

NO.2 Sunny Grapefruit Shampoo

Squeeze more shine into your hair with this juicy, yuzu-scented Shampoo Bar enriched with green tea, ginseng
and meadowfoam oil.

Recommended hair type: All hair types
Scent: sunny grapefruit

NO.3 White Shampoo Sink

Infused with aloe vera, vitamins C, B complex, and folic acid. It’s an anti-inflammatory that soothes dry scalp discomfort and hydrates hair in our signature Basin White fragrance.

Recommended hair type: All hair types
Scent: White Basin

NO.4 Island Silk Shampoo

Coconut-infused vitamin E and rich jojoba oil leaves hair shiny, silky, and smelling like island flowers.

Recommended hair type: All hair types
Fragrance: Pink Sands (tropical citrus and floral)

Cinnamon THICKENER Soap NO.5

To stimulate hair growth, encouraging it to grow longer, thicker and faster

√ Anti hair loss
√ Moisturizing
√ Repairs damaged hair

Walnut Hair Shampoo NO.6

Nourishing almond oil conditions hair follicles while gently cleansing and moisturizing each strand.

Recommended hair type: dry or damaged hair
Fragrance: Almond Coconut

1. Lather your hands with water.
2. Vigorously massage the foam into the scalp.
3. Rinse well.
4. Repeat if desired.

Hair soap NO.7 Polygonum BLACK

√ Anti gray hair grow
√ Calm nerves
√ Nutritious

NO.8 Jasmine SHINE Hair Soap

√ Repairs damaged hair
√ Add shine to dull locks
√ Strengthens hair follicles and strands

NO.9 DANDRUFF Seaweed Soap

√ Improves scalp hair
√ Cleans and repairs hair daily
√ Anti-dandruff


√ Refreshing
√ Cure headache
√ Clean and strong weak hair

DARK bamboo charcoal soap NO.11

√ Antibacterial
√ Anti white/grey/yellow hair
√ Adhere fat and antipsoriasis

NO.12 Ginger GROWTH Hair Soap

√ Prevent hair loss
√ Hair repaired daily

√ Promote healthy hair growth
√ Improved hair roots

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