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00:00 intro
01:12 how to make a uniform unique
01:30 What fashion do people typically wear to survive the summer
02:35 Where do you get your fashion inspo from?
04:08 Styling summer outfits with long boots?
04:41 styling musicians for a live show
06:18 how to start wearing bright colors?
06:39 how much do you think does style shape / influence your personality.
07:10 how do you find inspo for thrift flips & putting outfits together?
07:49 What type bras do you wear with strapless items that arent super uncomfy?
09:27 good ways to carry your personal style across different settings
10:21 I’m built like a ruler, small boobs, thick waist and small butt- help
10:55 how to wear summer clothes while covering upper arms and thighs
11:13 what would be a good all around shoe to have,
11:36 Tips of dressing for your body type, what are the real rules- g
13:01 What would you never wear? What trends do you not follow?
13:20 how did you find your own style without spending too much
14:23 how to dress and be comfortable in your body size?
14:54 is it hard to find clothes for curvy ppl in korea
16:50 styling skirts when short so they dont look awkward
16:59. what is your personal fashion philosophy?
18:06 how to sort pieces that ur emotionally attached to but dont wear often enough,
19:33 how to show figure without showing too much skin
20:01 should i buy a bigger size or keep hoping to go down to the size i used to be?
20:44 since getting married my body has changed what tips are helpful to love clothes again

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