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BRAGUCI – AI made TV Ad feat. Cats & Dogs Fashion

BRAGUCI – text-to-video AI Fashion Commercial, feat. AI Grimes #aimeme #texttovideo #aicinema
Get ready to take a deeper look at the world of “high fashion”.

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This ai generated commercial for the latest fashion brand “Braguci” features anthropomorphic animals like cats, dogs, lions and more wearing a mix of Balenciaga, Prada, and Gucci fashion – all vegan, of course – underscored with a custom made rap soundtrack featuring AI Grimes!

“Unleash your fashionista spirit with Braguci – where style meets sustainability! From the runway to the farm, this vegan fashion will make you look and feel fabulous. No animals harmed!
Tune in and join the fashion AI revolution today.” – This is for all the Balenciaga and Gucci Midjourney AI Video Fans out there!

Workflow Process Insights:

This Commercial was shot entirely using the beta of Gen-2 by #runwayml with text-to-video AI only.
The lyrics of the “rap” song were created together with chatGPT, edited and finetuned, then put into in the correct bpm of the song to generate a male and a female AI rapping voice.
After that, I polished them with adobe podcast and put the female voice into here
where I made it sound like Grimes, kind of (the website claims, for parody use only, so I did ;).
The base music track was found on motionarray.
Editing was done in Adobe Premiere, Music & Sound FX mixed and mastered.

Directed and created by:
The Visiblemaker

Some AI Tools I use:


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