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Converting fashion Lookbook PPT into Vibe Video | Slideshow Video Maker | Duplicating Scene & Outro

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As a fashion business owner , a lookbook into your brand is absolutely essential and usually it is in the form of a PPT. What if your lookbook was a video for a change? Fascinating yeah? In todays minute made we look into a couple of features that most content creators hoped they’d had. The Scene duplication and the outro feature. Want to know more? Lets quickly get into the steps of converting a PPT into a video using Steve in minutes!

Login to Steve and pick the use case slideshow video maker. Chose script to live video, and from the ppt of your look book select out the bits that most accurately define your business and paste it on the script page. Select a theme and the scenes are created
For the special feature of the day we have the duplicate feature, where sometimes as a content creator you may like two of your scenes to have the same video or image, this is where the duplicate feature comes in handy. Simply click on the duplicate option and the changes are made . we have another one of a kind outro feature which helps you to add your business logo and end credits. This feature provides a super professional ending to your video and also helps your clients get in touch with your for future needs. Simply tap on logo and you have the choice to upload a personalised logo of your choice. Make the other edits and the video is ready!

Pure elegance , grace and sustenance!

A brand that promises new age fashion , with clear care for the environment.

Wild fierce and head turning fashion, don’t worry no animals were harmed in the making !

Panache fashion, Vegan and chic

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