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Fashion Giveaway, New Vegan Movie, Man = Meat, Gluten-Free Bagels & More!

Whitney presents the latest weekly roundup

Vegan Company of the Week: Baked LA
Book of the Week: Do It Gorgeously by Sophie Uliano: *
Website of the Week: Garden Gansta
Shout-out of the Week: Kathy Kolla & World’s Littlest Brat movie
Article of the Week: Five Reasons Why Man = Meat
Health Tip of the Week: Eat more seaweed, especially dulse!
Restaurant of the Week: Peña Pachamama in North Beach, San Francisco
Answer of the Week: What type of stevia do I use? (from XtinaCUMSLindaPerry)
Question of the Week: What’s the coolest & most unique product you’ve made at home? For instance, my favorite is lip balm/chapstick
1st Video Giveaway of the Week: a $50 gift certificate to Ecolissa

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