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Men's Fashion Roundup: Vegan, Stylish Gentlemen

“Hey Pamela! Can you help me out? I am looking to buy some men’s shoes. I want to buy vegan friendly shoes, but they have to be smart-looking dress shoes I can wear to work. You know, really nice and good looking, they can’t be “crunchy” if you know what I mean! Oh, and they need to be good quality. Where can I find good looking, good quality, vegan men’s shoes?”

I’ve gotten that question in one form or another for years. And I’m always happy when my guy friends ask me this because it’s an opportunity to introduce them to some great brands, to support entrepreneurs in some cases, and of course, to help animals… not to mention to delight my guy friends when they see that not only is it possible to buy men’s shoes that meet all of their criteria, but that they might not even tell much difference between their leather shoes of old and some of the fancier vegan options out there.

It wasn’t long after I started this channel that one guy friend requested I do a video on men’s fashion and include not only shoes but suits, accessories, etc. And so I present to you my very first episode of Men’s Vegan Fashion Roundup!

Unlike my handbag review videos, I don’t own any men’s clothing or accessories that I can show you, so I thought the next best thing would be to create a review of several brands that I know and trust. Let me know what you think of this format! Was it helpful? Did you discover some new men’s brand’s that you will try out? Do you want more of these? Was it too much like an infomercial? haha!

Thanks for joining me on this episode!


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