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Trying out (& styling!) luxury designer vegan shoes from the cruelty-free sustainable brand, Veerah

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Finding cute, chic, high-quality vegan footwear can be tough but there are companies out there who are doing it right! And in today’s video, I’m excited to introduce you to one of those companies that I love- Veerah. Women-founded and run, Veerah is about making beautiful vegan footwear for warrior women that is not only cruelty-free but environmentally conscious. Using materials like recycled plastic and apple leather- they are innovative and are raising the standard for high-quality vegan footwear. I hope you love them as much as I do.

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00:00 – Intro
01:47 – A little fashion story time
02:28 – Transitioning to a Vegan Closet
04:30 – All About Veerah
04:46 – Veerah’s Materials
05:00 – Veerah’s Shoe Accessories
05:15 – Styling Veerah’s Vegan Boots
05:40 – Peta-Approved Vegan
05:45 – Veerah’s Hedy boots
07:28 – Hedy w/ Ankle Straps
08:00 – Hedy Boot Materials
08:39 – Leather Symbol on Shoes
09:38 – Shopping Veerah

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Even though I got my degree in nutrition, my passion for all things health and wellness really blossomed when I adopted a fully plant-based lifestyle. My journey to eating plant-based has allowed me to heal so many issues I experienced previously- including skin issues, gut problems, disordered eating, and an overall lack of self-love.

I believe that we hold all the power to control the destiny of our lives with the everyday choices that we make and our health is such a big piece of that! The more we know about how to heal ourselves- the more enriched our lives will be.

I love making whole plant-based foods and sharing recipes, breaking down the nutritional benefits of plant foods, trying out holistic health and wellness treatments, and exploring healthy living while traveling around the world.

I started this channel to spread the message of how powerful adopting a plant-based lifestyle can be and I am so happy that you are here. 💙

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