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Regarding Cafe Gratitude: I wanted to bring attention to the controversy surrounding Cafe Gratitude, the restaurant that I visited for lunch in this video. Later on that day I had mentioned to some friends that I had gone there for lunch and they asked what ever happened surrounding the controversy around the restaurant in the news. I said WHAT controversy?!?!! This was the first time I was hearing of this!!! Immediately I started googling and looking up to find info on what exactly happened so that I could come to my own conclusions. If you want to read some info for yourself here is a link:

But basically, I think it’s great that Cafe Gratitude has left their menu fully vegan and I think that is something to be grateful for. Of course, we support non-vegan businesses everyday whenever we shop at a supermarket that is not 100% vegan or clothing brands that are not 100% vegan. However, I can’t help but have very mixed feelings about Cafe Gratitude now and if I would have known about this prior it would have definitely altered my decision about choosing to go there that day. There are loads of other truly vegan restaurants in the area that I would just feel better about eating at. Let me know what you guys think in the comments, I’d love to hear different perspectives!

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