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what would Ritchie Valens tell you? #pickacard #teatime #tarotreading

Today is Ritchie Valens birthday! Find out what advice he would tell you, if you got some time with him🍵🗨️I hope you enjoy today’s video & the message you pick resonates with your path. Comment the Symbol you picked, Like my video for Youtube to share these messages with others, Subscribe and click the Bell to be notified when I post videos🛎😺 Love & Light to you & your manifestations🙏🏻 – Velvet Kat

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Camera(My Phone) – Samsung S21
Video/Audio Editing & Artwork – Creative Cloud Suite
Video Effects/Graphics – Canva & Giphy


Self-employed artist since 2017, claircognizant tarot reader since 2020, born in Mexico and raised in California, on a vegan journey since 2012, diabetic since I was 7 years old. Wow, so many labels! I love cats & pigs, tea, fantasy & business books, fashion inspired by anime, and my favorite flowers are Wisteria. Music is LIFE – whether it’s fun oldies or classical, danceable tech or reggaeton, or 2010s poprock. & I’m a Ravenclaw and Gemini

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Tarot readings are for general public entertainment purposes only and are not set in stone. They provide possible paths that can either confirm, encourage, or guide you with new perspectives. YOU are held accountable for any choices and decisions you make.

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