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Honey without Bees

Bees are not only responsible for generating honey, wax or pollen, but also help in the production of almost three quarters of the plants responsible for 90% of the world’s food. In other words, almost all the food depends on these insects and their ability to pollinate.

However, due to the growing demand for honey – the sector is valued at 8.17 billion – it is necessary to give bees a break and at the same time protect thousands of species that are negatively affected by the industry. For what we present to you, the first vegan honey that has been received with great enthusiasm by the food industry.

Unsustainable Honey Production

While there are thousands of species of bees, honeybees are understandably the most popular. Unfortunately, such an approach has put other species at risk, putting even more pressure on wild variants that are already in decline, a situation that threatens the stability of our natural ecosystems.

Currently, more than 20,000 species of wild and native bees are endangered due to the effects of climate change and the rise of commercially cultivated bees as invasive species, with a staggering 90% decline in the global population of endemic bees in recent years. years.

As if that weren’t enough, factors such as pests, climate change and pesticides are contributing to colony collapse disorder, which has seen billions of worker bees critical to the functioning and survival of a colony. Studies estimate a 30% decline in bee communities each year since 2006.

Vegan Honey, a help

With bee colonies on the decline, honey manufacturers now face a highly volatile and unpredictable supply chain. Derived from this, a series of proposals have been made to make honey production more sustainable.

Beewise—an Israeli startup—is working to help reverse the honey bee problem with AI and robotics. According to CEO and co-founder Saar Safra, their Beehome solution is the first of its kind as it consists of an autonomous hive and an integrated robotic beekeeper.

On the other hand, MeliBio —another startup, located in Oakland, California— has just developed the first vegan honey, that is, honey that is produced without the intervention of bees. Similar to innovations from companies like Perfect Day, which aims to give dairy cows a break by creating their fermented whey protein that is molecularly identical to that found in dairy.

“Created” honey—fermented and plant-based from Melibio, making it identical to honey in flavor and nutritional value—could alleviate a significant amount of pressure on beekeepers and bees to keep up with demand, by while protecting the thousands of other native bee species adversely affected by the industry.

Good things, take time, some years ago nobody thought of a Vegan Cheese, now we have Honey without Bees even Mushroom Leather. 

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